Sherry R. Wetsch


Civil Rights
Disability Rights
Real Estate

Ms. Wetsch started her legal career as an attorney for the United States Department of the Army in 1984, and also served as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney. Engaged in the full-time practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution since 1996.

Over twenty years of broad experience in alternative dispute resolution as an arbitrator, mediator, fact finder, hearing officer and Administrative Law Judge. Has served in both public and private sector cases nationwide. Served as a neutral in varied areas including finance and securities, transportation, real estate, property appraisals, employment, governmental and regulatory, contracts, tax allocation credits, business disputes, fraud, misappropriation/unfair competition, FLSA, and creditor and debtor. Public sector parties have included federal, state and local entities. Has chaired complex matters and lengthy proceedings in a wide array of disputes including commercial and securities arbitrations.

Efficient management of conflict resolution processes. Cases have ranged from small one- day cases, to lengthy multiple party disputes. Served as the sole arbitrator in a FLSA dispute involving over 180 complainants. Served as the sole arbitrator in a labor/management dispute involving over 200 complainants.

Financial Services: Participated on panels as arbitrator since 1996. Has chaired cases pertaining to a wide range of investment related disputes including stock purchase agreements, trusts, loan agreements and other financial transactions.

Labor/Employment: Extensive experience as an arbitrator, hearing officer and mediator on labor and employment related disputes in both the public and private sectors. Has served as a mediator for the United States Post Office on employment disputes since 1999.  Served as a hearing officer through TEA on teacher terminations and contract non-renewals in 2006-2010, and 1996-1999.

Has broad experience in traditional labor organization/management disputes. Admitted to FMCS roster in 2004. Member of AAA labor panel since 2011. Industries include police, fire, prison, airline, education, manufacturing, energy, railroad, and medical. Issues confronted include: discipline, discrimination, retaliation, absenteeism, arbitrability, performance, job posting/bidding, layoffs, management rights, past practices, safety/health concerns, seniority, sexual harassment, wages, working conditions, work hours/schedules/assignments, demotion, conduct, discrimination, termination, FLSA, promotions, vacation pay, classification, and fringe benefits.

Independent Fact Finder:  Served as an independent fact finder for a Texas Government Agency on disputes related to challenges pertaining to tax allocation credits.

Available to hear cases both domestically and internationally.

Honors Membership Awards

Current Rosters
AAA, FINRA, FMCS, NAF, NAM, TWC, U.S. Postal Service

North Dakota, 1984; Missouri, 1988; Texas, 1992

Professional Associations
Academy of Court Appointed Masters
Association of Attorney Mediators
Houston Maritime Arbitrators Association


Moorhead State University (1981); University of North Dakota School of Law (JD-1984).