Dennis E. Callan, J.D.

Dennis Callan founded Counsel Mediation, LLC in 2001 after nearly twenty-five years as the senior partner in a law firm focusing on real estate, construction, and business matters. His direct, realistic, and sensitive approach has proven highly successful for people seeking an alternative to the economic and personal stress of litigation. As detailed in the Resume section, Dennis has excellent academic and legal credentials that are complimented by a real life, sensible approach to dispute resolution. His on-the-job experience in the construction industry evolved into a broad spectrum of commercial endeavors. As a result, he has been a principal and an advisor in multiple complex business, real estate, and construction transactions. These areas remain an emphasis for his mediation, arbitration and special master services. Dennis is well known for his solid credibility, incisive perspective, and practical approach to problem solving. In addition to his mediation and arbitration services, his legal expertise and business background have led to many court appointments as a Special Master in various complicated and contentious lawsuits. Click on Special Master. Contact Dennis when you require a very capable, reasonable, and absolutely dedicated alternative dispute resolution expert.

Case List

Case:  Ferris v. Poplarhouse, et al, 02CV265, District Court, Summit County
Judge:  Chief Judge, 5th Judicial District, Honorable Terry Ruckriegle
Case Synopsis:  Multi-party, construction defect case involving mold.  Plaintiff also alleged personal injury from exposure to mold.  During the case, the primary Plaintiff died and a wrongful death claim was added.  Multi-million dollar damages were alleged against developer, architects, builder, subcontractors and their insurance carriers.
Special Master Duties:  All discovery; Ruling on all pre-trial, non-dispositive pleadings.  Motions compel, privacy, non-party medical records (including Arizona law).  Required supplemental deposition rules and attendance at certain depositions.  No Special Master rulings were appealed or modified by Court.
Disposition Case:   Settled and Dismissed

Case:  Johnson v. Landmark, 2001 CV 313,  District Court, Eagle County, Colorado
Judge:  District Judge, Honorable Thomas Moorhead (later Chief Judge)
Case Synopsis:  Business dispute involving interference with contractual relations and other claims between former employees and employer.
Special Master Duties:  All pending discovery.  Ruling unresolved Motions.  Sanctions, protective orders, establish deadlines, scope of discovery and unique procedural issues.  No Special Master rulings were appealed or modified by Court.
Disposition Case:  Unknown (duties completed prior to scheduled trial)

Case:  Points of Colorado v. Ace Insulations, et al  2002 CV 383  District Court, Eagle County, Colorado
Judge:  District Judge, Honorable Thomas Moorhead  (later Chief Judge)
Case Synopsis:  Mechanic's Lien and construction defect.  Multi-Party, multi-million dollar case.
Special Master Duties:  Required minimal Special Master activity.
Disposition Case:  Arbitration

Case:  Daly v. Daly 02DR2233, District Court, Jefferson County, Div. 11
Judge:  Honorable Steven M. Munsinger  (later Chief Judge)
Case Synopsis:  Completion discovery related to valuation of a business.
Special Master Duties:  Compel and supervise production undisclosed discovery.  Consultation with CPA.  Prepare Report to Court of status and value of business.  Testify in Court re Report.
Disposition Case:  Court accepted Special Master Report and incorporated into Court's final Order

Case:  Richmond Homes v. Steel Floors, et al, Consolidated  case 04CV803, Jefferson County, Div.11
Judge:  Honorable Steven M. Munsinger,  Chief Judge
Case Synopsis:  Consolidated complex construction defect cases involving mold and water damage claims in 3,300+ single family homes constructed over a 7-10 year period.  Each home was considered a separate claim. Rule 26 disclosures revealed an estimated 2,000,000 paper documents and photos.  Developer Plaintiff claimed over $20,000,000 in damages from 23 Defendant subcontractors with different combinations of subcontractors providing work on various homes.  Most parties had multiple insurance carriers with various "times on the risk".
Special Master Duties:  Under my supervision, all paper documents and photos were imaged, converted to electronically searchable database through a password protected website.  The data base was interfaced with previously prepared Excel spreadsheets.  Included in my Orders and Directives were cost sharing and cost shifting between the numerous parties.
Disposition of Case:  All parties settled including some mediations in which I was requested to conduct with Court approval.

Case:  [Suppressed Case, not public]  District Court, Jefferson County, Div. 8
Judge:  District Judge, Honorable Margie L. Enquist
Case Synopsis:  Multi-party, multi-million dollar claims, companion cases, usurpation corporate opportunity, fraud regarding buy-out, non-competition provisions between prior partners of commercial entity
Special Master Duties:  Discovery matters including Orders and Directives concerning  letters rogatory, domestic and foreign depositions, numerous privilege claims and in camera reviews, detailed forensic inspections, protective orders, clawbacks, and multiple issues related to large volume of electronic discovery including personal devices.
Disposition of Case:  Ultimately, all parties requested, and Court approved, that I mediate and the entire Case was thereby settled and dismissed.

Case:  Richmond American Homes v. Scott Contracting, et al.   09CV4742, District Court, Jefferson County, Div.2
Judge:  District Judge, Honorable Christie Phillips (Bachmeyer)
Case Synopsis:  Multi-party, multi-million dollar claims by developer re construction mal-practice professional services for entire subdivision.
Special Master Duties:  Appointed to provide Recommendations concerning hundreds of documents claimed privileged or confidential.
Disposition of Case:  Special Master Recommendations were adopted and incorporated into a Court Order.  The Case promptly settled.

Case:  Chumley. Armstrong Steel Corp. v. General Steel, et al,  2013CV31472, District Court, Jefferson County, Div. 6.
Judge:  District Judge, Honorable Christopher Zenisek
Case Synopsis:  The litigants were two national companies with continuing disputes of business interference claims.  The Colorado case involved claims of abuse of process, civil conspiracy, and attorney fees stemming from a dismissed claim in Federal court.
Special Master Duties:  Related to multiple motions and discovery of attorney-client privilege and work product.
Disposition of Case:  Special Master required both Parties to amend their disclosures and production.  The Parties immediately mediated with an independent mediator and the Case settled

Condemnation Chairman, Board of Commissioners (Valuation)
Summit School District RE-1 and Town of Breckenridge v. Breckenridge Development Foundation
Judge:  Chief Judge, 5th Judicial District, Honorable Terry Ruckriegle
Case Synopsis :  Dispute re valuation 66-acre parcel adjoining the Town of Breckenridge. The property was zoned for an airport and commercial development.  The valuation experts for the opposing parties differed in their opinions by $10,000,000.
The property had been condemned , in phases, by separate entities, each for different uses.  There were several multiple-day hearings over a two-year period.
Duties as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners (Valuation).  As Chairman, I presided at all hearings and drafted all Rulings and the Final Valuation Report
Disposition of Case:  The Court adopted the Final Valuation Report and entered Judgment without modification.  Upon appeal, the Colorado Court of appeals unanimously affirmed the Judgment without an opinion, 2002 Colo. App. LEXIS 1297.  The Colorado Supreme Court, en banc, denied cert.  2002 Colo. Lexis 1209